In recent years, there has been a major revival of food and wine tourism and above all a rapprochement with wine, especially among young people, thanks also to the many sommelier courses, created mainly to make people appreciate the quality of the wines. It is for this reason that visits to the cellars have become of considerable interest. In this way, wine connoisseurs have the opportunity to carry out tastings and ask questions about the birth, transformation and characteristics of the wines, often asking to visit the vineyards and the premises where the processing takes place.

For our company, in fact, the strong point is our customers, who after appreciating our products, have directed acquaintances and friends to our cellar, where they have been able to find a comfortable environment in direct contact with the producer, taking the opportunity to pass a pleasant day in the beautiful landscapes of the Langhe. This is why we have created a new welcoming and comfortable tasting room that directly overlooks our vineyards where you will be welcomed, you can admire the beauty of the views over the Langhe and taste our wines.

Our company is always open for visits and tastings, by reservation only.