“The goal of our company, which is very attentive to the tradition, is to safeguard the typicality.”

“Buy our wines comfortably on this website.”

“The work done in the vineyard is crucial to have our best product: a good wine.”

“Just a few words to describe our company: tradition, authenticity and quality.”

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https://www.ilgolosario.it/it/spumanti-e-moscati-la-nostra-degustazione Grazie Paolo Massobrioper le belle parole sulla nostra azienda!! 😀🥂

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Spumanti e Moscati, la nostra degustazione

Bollicine novità: Alta Langa in gran spolvero


Il nostro Moscato d Asti sarà in degustazione presso lo stand del Consorzio dell’Asti e del Moscato d Asti #moscatodasti #prowein2024 #wine 🥂