In recent years there has been a massive trend towards wine and food tourism, featuring a revival in interest in wines in particular, especially amongst young people. This is thanks to the many sommelier courses on offer, aimed at enhancing appreciation in fine wines. This has led to a great interest in visits to wine cellars. This allows wine connoisseurs to taste the wines and the ask all the relevant questions on the origins and transformation of the grape and the features of the wines, and this often involves a visit to the vineyards and to the actual wine making cellars.

We give priority to our customer base, as it is our customers who, on tasting our wines, have recommended other friends and acquaintances to come and visit our cellars. Where they have been able to enjoy informal surroundings and the advantage of direct contact with the producers themselves, while enjoying a wonderful day out in the Langhe countryside. We have for this purpose set up a pleasant wine tasting room, where you can taste our wines while admiring traditional ancient wine making implements.

Advance booking is preferred for wine tasting and/or visits to our cellars.